Springing up

They aren't the showiest tulips, but these species tulips should naturalize. They were the first green to come up and the first green to be eaten by garden visitors. One day I hope to have a mass of them.

The checkered lilies are up. There's a hyacinth in the background that's not doing so well. The former owner of the property planted it.
I absolutely love daffodils. These are my earliest bloomers. I just wish they'd pick their heads up a little higher. A small bouquet will be presented to my mother today. I always associate daffy-down-dillies with her.

A little more colorful, but less prolific specimen. They are so worth the bother of planting in the fall.

I love wildflowers but my heavy clay soil doesn't support them very well. So I'm terribly proud that I have a bloodroot that's still giving it a go.
I found my hepatica! Poor baby. It's also not very happy in my soil. I amend it as much as possible with compost, but the clay and the damn silver maple roots are still a major challenge.
I love hanging clothes on the line about as much as I love gardening. The rows and the colors and the care are pretty similar. I just don't have to water the clothes after I put them in the garden.
Garden cat!


  1. How is your garden so much more ahead of mine?! When I last looked there were absolutely NO signs of daffodils and you already have blooms. Amazing!

  2. RE: What Karen said... What town are you in-- not Mpls? I've got some species tulips for the first time this year. Mine are still at the leaf stage. And my daffodils, all three varieties, are at most two inches of green above the ground.

  3. I'm in northeast Minneapolis where it's rather hilly. Before the trees leaf out my yard gets almost full sun.

    The daffodils that are blooming now are the very early spring bloomers. Others are just coming up. I purchased "The Works" from White Flower Farm and so I'm not sure what the names of each type are.

    I still have crocus that haven't bloomed yet, too. They are in the shade of the house.

  4. That looks like a Turkish Tulip -- we split some a few years ago. Mine are blooming too!

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