Crocus Alert (with added cat flavor)

Crocus. Remember the other day when I said my Eyeliner Lilies were coming up? I lied. Those were apparently the Crocus (?) above. This garden bed is chock full of random bulbs from multiple years. Can't wait to see what all is in there!
Cat. Chopper Cat, get out of the photo frame!
Cat. Chopper Cat, stop chewing on the freshly sprouting flowers!


  1. Those look more like squill. I planted quite a few of them last Fall. Still waiting for mine to show themselves.

  2. Yes, I also think you have siberian squill. Mine tend to be more blue, but I've seen them this color, too.

  3. I think Squill would be prettier en masse. My few random blooms look kind of sad amidst all the brown mulch.

  4. White squills; S. tubergeniana. They have that habit of starting to open their flowers before they are fully out of the ground, but are quite lovely once they're fully up. They'll multiply into large patches, but don't seem to wander all over like the blue squills.

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