First bloom!

I love the couple of alpine plants I have, but apparently not enough to have saved their tags. I think this might be a Dionysia tapetodes. This is its second spring. It blooms well before anything else. It's right outside my back door.

I bought this plant at a whim. It was on sale in late summer and I felt flush with money. It had probably been 2-3 weeks since I had made my last plant purchase, so I was due.

The tulips planted by the former homeowner are coming up in front. This first photo shows the plants next to the skull of Kip, my niece's horse. (He died at their farm, was thrown into the compost, and after a couple of years I got his skull.

The next photo shows tulips coming up next to a random goat skull. My sister has dairy goats and composts their remains when they die. I really like bones and since I don't have access to interesting large rocks, I've used them in the garden.


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