Bastard Rabbits!

[updated with photos, 5/2/09]
I was too mad to get the camera to provide you photographic evidence, but Believe me, RABBITS SUCK! Yesterday there were six pink tulips (returning gifts from the squirrels several years ago) just about to open. This evening they were all gone-- only a couple of crumpled pink petals lying on the ground remain. For a moment, I thought some person came into my backyard and stole them. But, no, just the flower heads were gone, the tall, headless stems remained.

They've also bitten several not-yet-open flower heads on my new Greigii Tulips IN HALF. The ones that have been spared are very pretty! And to top it off, I'm out of hot pepper spray. Crap.

At least I know I am not alone in my suffering.


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