Window Boxes 2009

How do you plan your gardens?

This year I didn't pre-think what I wanted to do with my window boxes. I walked up and down every annual and greenhouse aisle at Bachman's. Inspiration struck when I saw this beautiful Coleus:
Coleus. I was torn between plain white Petunias and these because I couldn't tell if these clashed or complemented the Coleus:
Wave Petunia. I couldn't say "no" to the Dracena for a splash of drama, even though it was NOT cheap:
Window box. And, that's a variegated Vinca for some trailing off the sides of the boxes:
Window box. I didn't replace the soil in the boxes from last year so seeing how these plants fare will be an experiment!


  1. I have 3 words for you: sweet potato vine.

  2. I have 3 words for you: handy fricken husband.

  3. I tried sweet potato vine last year and really appreciated how tolerant to abuse it was. I would have gone with that had Bachman's had a better selection of purple. They only had the lime green and really, that is so 2008 ;)

    And, where was the handy fricken husband when I was planting this?!

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