This Week's Best Blooms (wk of 6/22)

Hudine Clematis
In its fourth year. It took three years to finally bloom and is very nice this year.

Martagon Lily
Jealous, Karen? While the petals are shiny, they are not as glossy as it looks in this picture. I picked the largest bulb I could find at the Fall 2008 NSLS sale. I was rewarded with two stems of flowers!

In catalogs, these are shown close-up in tight groups that make the flowers look quite large. However, the flowers are less than an inch and a half across.

'Purple Emperor' Sedum
I finally moved these last year after two years in a poor location. They are much happier in their new location.

Asiatic Lilies
My first lilies of the season. I ordered six yellow lilies a couple of years ago and found that five were these mystery variety. This year I have to remember to move the odd yellow one to a new spot.

Last Summer, I moved a few sprigs of these from one of the many a wild patches in the lawn to the new "garage bed". In their former location, they could only grow in the two week spurts between mowings. Now they are free to reach their potential.

Oriental Poppy
Unfortunately, these poppies were in bloom a very short time this year and I missed getting a picture of them at their peak.


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