Not in vain!

Hooray! My brand-new rain gauge finally has a reason to exist! One whole inch of rain fell on Saturday and another on Sunday. This rain gauge with its butterflies will look great once all of the zinnas that are straining at its feet finally get to blooming. Hope these metal bugs doesn't scare away the real deals.

Been watering my garden every damn day since May 14, which sucks because the link between the spray attachment and the hose leaks so I get watered along with the plants I'm trying to spray. I've tried unscrewing and rescrewing. Screw it. I'll just get wet I guess.

Before this year I've been a hand-waterer. Get out "old yellow," the watering can. Fill it up a few times, hoist, and pour. This year I've been lazy. Just get 'er done.

I ordered this rain gauge from the same company from which I got my strawberry plants. It some company whose name I forget and whose name is also on a piece of paper on my kitchen counter which is aaaalllllll the way downstairs. Another time, I promise.

My hubby keeps asking me whether the rain gauge's measurment beaker shouldn't have a wider opening than this thing that looks like a test tube. "It'll be fine," I say and think to myself, "But this one was much prettier." :-)

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  1. It is very pretty! I'm sure "scientists" have figured out the appropriate dimensions for a rain gauge. Don't "they" know physics and math for this kind of thing?

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