Finally, some planting is done.

In the front of the house near the sidewalk, I put in three kinds of pink plants; begonias, impatiens and astilbe. I also have purple petunias in a hanging basket near the door.

For the window boxes I chose all whites; begonias, alyssum and impatiens. We'll see how they do on the shady left side of the house.

Here is the new raised bed. I've put in three varieties of tomatoes and some cucumbers. I may add some beans from seed if there is still time. Next year I will be able to fill this out better.

I put the herbs in a planter so I can bring them inside in the fall. Oregano, sage and basil.

I made a new hanging basket with some yellow begonias. I'm hoping they spread out and get real full. I have a red one that is just ridiculously lush (see it in the background of above image of herbs).

This rose bush survived the house painters. I'm hoping I can get a second bloom from it if I play my cards right.

My peonies are not getting many blooms. Dry spring I guess.


  1. My three peonies got a total of two puny blooms. Is it from the lack of rain?

  2. Mine have lots of flowers.

  3. Elleni is stealing our blooms. No fair (though it is probably because she waters more).

  4. I probably water just as much, but with soaker hoses, I don't waste as much water (to evaporation).

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