After nearly three months with basically no rain in the Twin Cities, we got 3/4" of steady rain during the day on Saturday and another 3/4" Sunday over night. Boy did we need it.

I took advantage of the sun on Sunday and planted the new iris patch. I removed two dead 'Dewey Blue' Switch Grass plants (a third one is barely hanging on) and shallowly planted around 25 irises. They should be a mix of blue irises I got from eBay and a variety of colored and named irises from dreamingdaylilies at GardenWeb. I still have around 10 blue irises as well as six poorly placed yellow and/or white (I don't remember which are which) that I planted two years ago that have never bloomed. My guess they are not getting enough sun.

I have attempted to protect my new patch with chicken wire (and a spare window screen) and several dead stems trimmed from my Barberry shurbs. I hope the thorns will make the squirrels and rabbits will think twice about digging up my irises! The lengths we'll go to to protect our gardens.

Elsewhere around the garden more things are blooming...

... And other things will be any day now-- purple Siberian Irises.

Last weekend I finally (after a year) set up my second rain barrel. The Russian Sage at its base is a bit crowded. I wish I could move it about six inches to the left, but it is probably safer to leave it. I think it will survive. Not far away, the apples are starting to look like tiny apples!


  1. Tiny apples are exciting! Are you having to water your apple tree?

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