They're Multiplying!

[updated below]

Rebbecca and I took at trip to Menard's this afternoon. As we were unloading my mulch from her car, we startled a couple of rabbits near the fence. I looked over and saw a nest of brand new baby bunnies! Grr. Now I have to be nice to them. I had chased off three rabbits this morning. I guess they were getting ready for the birth. The nest was not there yesterday.

The mother rabbit kicked one of the babies out of the nest as she ran off to hide. Rebbecca used a stick to shovel it back in with its siblings. She got this picture with her iPhone.

By time I got back out side with my camera, around 15 minutes later, mom, dad and aunt/uncle looked to have pushed the babies all further into the nest. Either that or they decided to move them.

[update, 5/4/2009]

I checked this morning and this evening. No sign of the bunnies. The front of the nest does look like it was disturbed, but otherwise there is not any sign of an invader. Some sites say mother rabbits can't move the babies, others say she will relocate if she thinks the nest is not safe. There doesn't look to be any fluffy bunny fur lining the nest. I put some twigs in an "X" over the spot to see if it is being visited by the mother. Who knows.


  1. If I come back as a bunny, in a future life, remind me not to be born in Elleni's yard ;)

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