Rebecca's Progress

Early May:

This is the backyard before cleaning up for the spring. Hard to tell anything is growing here.

After cleaning and now you can see the hostas coming up and other various plants.

This is the front yard. I won't be doing much planting till after I get the house painted around the first of June. Then I plan on putting up the window boxes and putting in some plants near the sidewalk. It is a very shady front yard, plus the pine tree makes the soil very acidic so choices are more limited.

Late May:

This has been a banner year for the spirea bush. My crabapples, on the other hand, did not really bloom much at all. My neighbor says crabapples bloom well every other year, and last year was certainly a good one. Next year will be the test, I guess.

This was taken just a few days ago. You can see considerable progress from the first photos.


  1. Your neighbor is right. When I was growing up we had two crabapple trees in the yard, and they both produced in two-year cycles. Lucky for us, they were on alternating years so we always had apples.

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