Planting 2010

It's Sunday, May 16 and I've been planting, weeding, cleaning and enjoying the sunshine for two days. Here are a few pictures of my progress.

I planted four tomato plants. The front two were given to me by Elleni and her Mom. They are Hillbilly heirloom. The one in the rear left is another heirloom, Mortgage Lifter, and on the right rear is a Big Boy.

I also planted two rows of beans, Blue Harvest Bush. Then one row of cucumbers, Muncher.  
My neighbors thinned some Daylilies, so I planted some around a small tree by the front curb and the others under a tree out back.

Elleni and Karen worked at the Friends School plant sale so I got seven varieties of flowers, from alyssum, balloon flowers, coreopsis, to two kinds of daylilies, foxglove and periwinkles. I also bought more alyssum from Mother Earth Garden and a realtor sent a packet of zinnia seeds so I have lots of stuff that will hopefully come up.

The hostas along the back are mature and will need to be divided this year. 

I went to Ace Hardware and got some red and yellow begonias plus white and purple petunias to make planters.

I put lights around the patio umbrella. It looks very festive at night.

The first rose of the season. I'd like to have more rose bushes, but probably not this year.

The front flower boxes have Painted Paradise impatiens combined with the foxglove.

Along the front curb are the last of the tulips. They were great this year. I planted purple and gold alyssum and Zamphir coreopsis along the front. 

The front of the house and Georgie supervising through the screen door.


  1. Love the tulips!

  2. What a beautiful garden! I'm just in awe of what ya'll do.

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