Summer Blooms and Room to Grow

Huge Oriental Lilies.

Tall Balloon Flower.

Heliopsis Summer Sun, bloomed in the bright shade of the garage bed. I've been surprised by the things that have bloomed in that shadier-than-I-expected bed.

Some kind of Oriental Lily. I don't buy pink things generally, so I wonder if these were mislabeled-- I'll have to check my records.

There are Snapdragons here and there around the garden, volunteers from seeds of last year's annuals.

I seem to have run out of room in the existing beds, so I decided this weekend that meant I needed to dig out a new bed! Day one entailed cutting the edge and removing the grass. Today I dug a trench and pinned the plastic edging down. This would have been a great job for my Dad and Sister! Too bad I didn't think of it while they were here. I am hoping this area will get enough sun with a couple of hours in the morning and again in the evening. This area already has a small patch of tulips. I will be adding more bulbs in the Fall, but mainly I'll add things salvaged from other areas of the garden. The Panicum amarum 'Dewey Blue' Switch Grass is the last remnant of three planted in the main bed three years ago. One-by-one they failed to return each year. This year only a few stems came up on this last one. I felt bad digging it out of the main bed to replace it with a different variety. So, it gets a second chance here. And the sad little Coneflowers were outside of the soaker hose area of the North bed. They, too, should find a happier future here.


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